The Secret of Energy Efficiency

The biggest challenge of any ecologically responsible development project is sourcing of the proper building materials that are going to be both “green” and at the same time energy-efficient.

Thinking of this, we knew that using traditional building materials such as plastic, concrete or asbestos is not an option, as all of them sit on the opposite end of the eco-friendliness scale.

Therefore, we had to go back to basics and think of the renewable sources of building material. And it turned out that the only renewable building material available is wood, and that there are a number of new building techniques entirely based on wooden elements.

This led us to ISOTIMBER – who became our exclusive partner. ISOTIMBER use patented construction technology that allows creation of insulated wooden walls with air cavities with zero use of plastic.

Together with our partners from ISOTIMBER we managed to conduct a number of energy efficiency tests. Results showed that ISOTIMBER panels are able to save up to 15% more heat inside the house and therefore reduce overall energy consumption.