CEO Foreword

One might say that there is no place for philosophy and art in such a detail-oriented and precise science as architecture, however I strongly believe that every science has a fundamental philosophy which underpins and breathes life into it, otherwise it would simply not generate anything of value for those who practice and ultimately benefit from its pursuit. New online casinos Australia online casinos for Australia players accepting AUD deposits.

During more than 20 years spent in the construction and architecture industry I have been exposed to a wide variety of different innovations, projects and developments.Each one had it’s own master plan or vision, however virtually all of them were there to improve the life of the people – to make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

And just like such developments for many centuries in the past, the “benefits” were gained at the expense of the environment. Moreover, very few projects even tried to minimize environmental impact.

My own vision for housing, formulated with the idea of nature and construction working in tandem rather than against each other, made me think of ways to build homes that are affordable, eco-friendly and stylish at the same time.

Subsequently, the months and years of work on the concept finally produced something very special.

Something that I believe will change the way we design, develop and build living spaces forever.

Something that will finally bring homes and natural environment to harmonious coexistence.

We call this something – FLEKSIHUS.


Oscar Sagefors,

CEO and Founder of FLEKSIHUS