EKOLSUND: Flexible Equals Sustainable

After the success of our Visby project, Fleksihus’ team of experienced architects and civil engineers has consolidated the best practices of sustainable living around the globe to develop a new concept we call EKOLSUND. A Complete Guide to the Best Live Casinos for UK players 2019 https://www.toprealcasinos.co.uk/live/ follow us.

EKOLSUND is a unique building platform that allows development of comfortable, modern and eco-friendly housing for everyone. It was developed to perfectly meet the basic requirements of the today’s real estate market: modernism, style and flexibility.

EKOLSUND units are carefully designed to meet the highest standards of the modern housing. Stylish, elegant and sophisticated, they represent all the best modern architecture trends: not only from outside, but also from inside.

From day one of the platform development, we decided that EKOLSUND will be modular in order to provide our customers with flexibility.

We realize that everyone has a picture of their own perfect home in mind. So why limit ourselves with several options of the design when we can give everyone a possibility to build their own perfect living?

EKOLSUND proves that a flexible housing can be and has to be sustainable.